Ashley DuBose: due June 1st

Church Cuties: Precious Outfits for Sunday Service

  • Friedknit Collections Blue Smocked w/ Rocking Horse Gown & Hat
  • Friedknit Collections Pink Smocked w/ Ribbon Gown & Hat
  • Salisbury Pewter Easton Cross Cup
  • Jefferies White Crochet Booties w/ Blue Ribbon
  • Jefferies White Crochet Booties w/ Pink Ribbon

Seeing Double: Adorable Summer Outfits

  • Kristaben White w/ Blue Zigzags Bubble
  • Kristaben White w/ Pink Zigzags Bubble
  • Bunnies by the Bay Blue Bunny Lovey
  • Bunnies by the Bay Pink Bunny Lovey

Bedtime Basics: Sheep for Sweet Dreams!

  • Kissy Kissy Blue Striped Footie w/ Lamb
  • Kissy Kissy Pink Striped Footie w/ Lamb
  • 3 Marthas Blue Lamb Bib & Burpcloth
  • 3 Marthas Pink Lamb Bib & Burpcloth

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