Adrienne Hoefer: due May 22nd

Jumping for Joy: Kissy Kissy Essentials for Every Baby!

  • White converter gown with white trim (style 346)
  • Frog print converter gown
  • Frog print bib
  • Frog print blanket
  • Frog print burp cloth

Neutral Necessities: 3 Marthas Must-Haves!

  • White gown with yellow giraffe
  • Yellow giraffe hooded towel
  • Yellow giraffe burp pad
  • Yellow giraffe bib

Bedtime Basics: Sweet Dreams Guaranteed!

  • Angel Dear moon & stars print top and pants set
  • Angel Dear moon & stars print swaddle blanket
  • Everyone Says Goodnight by Hiroyuki Arai

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