Get It While You Can – and While it’s on Sale!

We know South Carolina is still pretty hot right now, but we also know that Fall is unpredictable and the temperature changes suddenly. For example, the forecast is showing a drop in 20-30 degrees over the next couple of weeks!

It’s good to go ahead and get your armor while you can – and while it’s on sale. This weekend is coat, hats, and mittens weekend as part of our calendar sale meaning 20% off of it all!

Here are some of our best sellers.


The classic look by The Beaufort Bonnet Company.


Adorable “Sweet Pea” hats by Margareta Horn.




does it get much cuter?


Angel Dear Chenille hoodies

Widgeon Fleece Jacket





Peppercorn Kids mittens



Peppercorn Kids Polar Bear mitten set


Just a week left of our big calendar sale so get these precious items while you can. All coats, hats and mittens will be 20% off this weekend. Your little lamb will be looking “cool” for sure! Hope to see you in the store!


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Baby Shower Gifts Hall of Fame

Whether it’s your best friend, sister-in-law or co-worker, it’s hard sometimes to find the perfect baby gift.

Baby showers have an unsaid pressure around them. You want to “wow” the mom and guests with something unique, but you also want to provide the basics to ensure they’re properly equipped for the little one.

We decided to create a little cheat sheet for you with the best baby gifts straight from the 2016 Baby Gift Hall of Fame.

And the best part? All of these gifts are 20% off tomorrow, October 20th, as part of our calendar sale.


  1. Converter Gown– Kissy Kissy

This Kissy Kissy converter gown will have you wanting one of your own. It’s made from a soft cotton material with fold over cuffs to keep the baby from scratching his face.

The best part about converter gowns is the easy transition from sleep to play. It makes diaper changing easier, snaps right into a romper, and provides lots of room to grow.

We have many color options ranging from solids and stripes to funky rose buds or animal patterns.



  1. Appliqued Hooded Towel – 3 Marthas

The hooded towel is one of our top picks because of its versatility and high quality material. It’s made from pure cotton terry cloth and has an appliqued hood. We have many color and pattern options, or you could personalize it with an adorable monogram.

This towel is sure to keep the baby warm and cozy after a bath.

Powers 1


  1. Blanket + Pillow – Little Giraffe

The Little Giraffe blankets will have your baby living a life of luxury. The Luxe Giraffe Blanky is made from poly microfiber with a suede finish and satin trim to give it that soft, cloud-like feel. Pair it with a little satin pillow and you’re good to go.




  1. Socks – Jeffries

These Jeffries booties are perfect for keeping the little one warm. The elastic cuff ensures that the baby can’t kick them off so they’ll stay cozy all night.




  1. Moccasins – Freshly Picked and First Steps

All the celebrities are doing it. No really, these little moccasins are taking the baby fashion world by storm.

We sell two fantastic brands of these shoes, and both have an array of adorable colors and patterns. Even one of our local celebrities Connor Shaw is dressing his baby in them.
















We hope this helped you out in your search for the perfect gift. We have more precious gifts in the store, and a printout checklist we can give you when you come in! Whatever you end up getting for the little one, the mom will surely adore.

Don’t forget that all of these items are 20% off tomorrow as part of our calendar sale! Hope to see you then!

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Our Costume Picks for Halloween Twenty-Sixteen

Still need some Halloween costume ideas? You’re not alone.


We’re here to help! We have some adorable classic costumes in stock to let your little one’s imagination roam free this Halloween.


  1. Let it go, Let it go (straight to your closet!)

If your little lamb is often found singing this song and requesting to go by Elsa or Anna, this may be the costume for her.

To complete the look, we have beautiful brand new dresses, Scandinavian cloaks, and crowns inspired by Disney’s Frozen for your little lamb to wear.


  1. Inside the Princess Castle

If you have another little Disney lover, we have an array of colorful princess dresses to choose from, inspired by Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.


  1. For your Superhero…

If he or she wants to keep it simple, dress up your little lamb in this cool red mask and a cape to save the day this Halloween!


  1. Trick or Treat in Style!

Personalize your little one’s trick-or-treating stash this year by using one of these adorable hand-made monogrammed buckets. Not only is it cute, but it will last through the years! Just come into the store and make sure you place your order by this Friday, October 21st.



Don’t forget!

Our Calendar Sale is in full swing and these items also qualify for some of the lucky days such as Navy Blue Day, Red Day, Hot Pink Day, and Stripes Day!



We hope to see all your little lambs costumes this Halloween both in the store and out trick-or-treating!


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Who Wants to Learn Entrepreneurial Retailing 101?


WooHoo! Little Lambs & Ivy just celebrated their 29th anniversary last month – 29 years of dressing babies and children in good and bad economic times. These years have definitely been full of “life lessons” for me, and I would love to share with someone the ins and outs of running a successful small business as I have learned them.

How’s the best way to learn? By being here, working as a full-time assistant manager in these ways:

  • helping build lasting relationships with customers
  • being a sales team leader
  • overseeing the Baby Registry
  • participating in our social media marketing
  • learning retail ordering and buying
  • brainstorming about building the brand
  • helping in every way to keep Little Lambs & Ivy a top-rated children’s shop

We are seeking a well-organized, natural-born leader who thrives on details, yet capable of focusing on the big picture when required. If you have a minimum of two years’ experience in retail sales, 2 years of college coursework,  and experience in point-of-sale software, this might be the opportunity for you. This is a 36+ hour job that includes every other Saturday (no nights, no Sundays).

Email a resume and cover letter to with the title “I Want To Learn”.

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6 Indoor Activities to Combat Hurricane Matthew and Fall Break Boredom

With Hurricane Matthew in full force and Fall Break right around the corner, there will be a lot more time spent indoors in the coming week. Take advantage of this time to unwind and give your Little Lambs the chance to explore their creativity and curiosity with these rainy day activities.

Here are some of our favorite things to do when the weather’s not so hot (literally!)

  1. Read a book! Whether your little one is reading on their own or you are reading to your little one, here are some of our favorite new and old books for story time. img_6602
  2. Get crafting! This is the perfect time to give your kid a blank canvas and a paintbrush to get their creative juices flowing. Some easy arts + craft activities include coloring books, finger-paint, Play-Doh, and even just messing around with sticker books. img_6598
  1. Play Dress Up! This is an oldie but a goodie. With Halloween right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to play dress up with both old and new costumes. Your little one will love spending the day as her favorite princess or superhero. img_6593
  2. Throw a puppet show or play using toys and stuffed animals. To make it more interesting, get a bag and stuff it with 10-15 random toys to give your Little Lambs, suggesting that they can only use those specific toys to develop the show. This usually makes the final show hysterical. img_6597
  3. Go camping inside and create a fort using blankets and pillows. The softer the blankets are and the more pillows you have, the cozier it will be. We suggest making a furry floor using a blanket like this one. img_6599
  4. Create a mini-sandbox to play with. It’s a contained, mess-free way to keep your little ones entertained for hours. Our pick is by Sands Alive which is non-toxic, non-sticky, and feels light as a cloud. img_6604

So when you’re sitting at home whether its due to hurricane rain or fall break, enjoy this time and take advantage of all the cozy indoor activities you can do.

Don’t forget that we are in the midst of our October Calendar Sale, so each one of these products will be on sale at some point this month! Stop by to see us and stay dry!


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