Baby Essentials #2 – Angel Dear Blankies

Angel Dear makes a beloved blankie for your little lambs.

Naptime requires a beloved blankie, and usually, one for each hand. This little blankie is full of comfort and security for even the tiniest baby.

The trick is to start early.  At each feeding, place the lovie in your little one’s hand as you hold and comfort your baby.  Soon, the feel and scent of the soft blankie will comfort and soothe your baby as he/she sleeps away from your arms.

Listen to what Amie at Lulu & Bug Blog says of Angel Dear blankies:

We knew it was cute, but we had no idea how attached bug (our son) would become.  By the time he was 6 months old, his blankie was second only to his nuk (pacifier) in terms of daily importance.  A full fledged security object.  Heaven forbid the blankie was dirty and needed a bath.

We had to get more.  Instead of going for a half dozen identical ducks, we opted for variety……a light blue elephant, a green froggie, a giraffe, and a lion.


Angel Dear’s blankie was a finalist in the Cribsie Awards for 2011. Now, Angel Dear’s blankie is up for winning “Most Ridiculously Soft Baby Blanket” Cribsie Award for 2012.  Winners will be announced April 2, 2012.

Hurray! These Angel Dear blankies are top winners, both in national contests and in home trials.  Thousands of babies each night, all over the world, cannot go to sleep without their blankie.

We name Angel Dear Blankies our Little Lambs & Ivy Baby Essential #2!


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Baby Essentials #1 – Muslin Swaddles

We’ve asked experienced moms to take stock of things they couldn’t live without – the essentials in a baby’s happy life.  We found some very surprising and enlightening answers.

For instance, muslin swaddles top the list as must haves for a good night’s sleep. What is that?  A good night sleep with an infant?  Tell us more!

To hear these moms tell it, using a muslin swaddle recreates the blissful feelings of the womb: a close, comfy environment that stretches and gives with movement.

Why muslin?

Muslin has a lightweight, open weave that allows the baby’s body temperature to regulate itself naturally –  not too hot in the summer, and cozy, warm enough in winter.  The fabric is soft, stretchy, comfy, and the best part is that it gets softer and fluffier the more times you wash it.

We carry two muslin brands that are rated “best” in the crowded field of swaddles: Aden & Anais and Luna Lullaby.  Both brands feature great washablity, cute designs, and huge dimensions (47 X 47) for lots of swaddle power.

Beyond swaddling, these muslin blankets can be used as a burp cloth, a portable crib sheet, a shade cover over a stroller, a nursing cover, a tummy time place, and a lovie.

Come in to see and touch for yourself.  We have oodles of muslin swaddles for happy babies and moms all over South Carolina.

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