In the South, Little Boys Wear Knee Socks

knee socks best

Here in the South, little boys look like little boys when they dress up for family gatherings and Sunday mornings at church.  Button-ons and knee socks, along with white shoes all year round – this classic style has been around as long as there have been little boys growing up like weeds in the South.

boy in swing

For only a brief moment, our little boys can wear smocked john johns in white or light blue, and smile with a sweetness that can bring a Grandmother to tears. You blink and they’re grown. It’s off to school in khakis and polos all too soon.

knee socks 3

And monograms!  In the South, we monogram anything that can’t get away first.

maddox easter

The unstated rules of wearing knee socks: wear them white, wear them with white shoes or saddle oxfords, wear thinner nylon in the summer or for weddings, and wear thicker cotton ones in winter.

boy knee socks 1

We dress our little boys like this because it means something to grow up in the South.  Because it’s not just any monogrammed outfit or white socks.  It’s the way our grandmothers and mothers dressed their boys to take their place in the family’s history, and the way you’re passing along the same gift to your little one.

boy and sister in swint


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The Lambs are on Vacation This Week!

Little Lambs & Ivy will be closed from Sunday, June 29 to July 6 so the Lambs can take a little vacation before the start back to school rush.  We’ll reopen on Monday, July 7th.

summer fun

Enjoy the 4th Celebration with your family!

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Babiators: A Little Kid’s Answer to the Squints

green glasses

Right in our own backyard, at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort,  a pilot’s wife came up with a terrific idea while watching the pilot’s kids squinting in the sun.  When Molly Fienning saw that the pilot Moms and Dads were looking cool and protected in their aviator sunglasses, and not their kids, she decided to change all that.

Her pilot husband, while encouraging her idea, named the product “Babiators”. Just like a modern day fairytale, Molly and her good friend, Carolyn, started the brand at their kitchen tables, determined to protect little kid’s eyes the world over.

princess glasses

Babiators use 100% UVA abd UVB protected lenses that are impact and shatter resistant for the toughest little customer.  The rubber frames are super flexible, comfortable, and awesome to wear.  These little kid sunglasses are intended for rough and tumble outdoor play.

baby ella

As 4 week old Baby Ella can tell you, even the littlest kid looks good in Babiators.

girl glasses

Imagine not worrying about sunglasses – do they protect the eyes?, are they safe?, what happens if we lose them?…… No worries, Mom!

The best idea from Babiators is the guarantee: Babiators guarantees a free replacement within one year for LOST or BROKEN sunglasses if you register at within 30 days of purchase. You’ll only pay the shipping costs if your little rowdy-sprout loses his/her new Babiators while on a wild adventure.


Babiators’s catch phrase is so perfect for life with little kids:

‘Babiators: every day is an adventure.’


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Finally! Adorable outfitting for boys

urban sunday (298x400)

Urban Sunday came to town with it’s city-inspired neckties, bowties, and suspenders for little boys ages 1 – 8. For all you mom’s who’ve been asking for a cure from boring shirts and khaki pants, we’ve got a terrific selection of Urban Sunday’s newest spring styles.


From sweet gingham checks to pirate skulls, from preppy plaids to sophisticated stripes, Urban Sunday can turn any outfit into a showstopper! What boy wouldn’t want to be known for wearing a pirate tie to Sunday School and making the old ladies frown?


They’re made for easy wearing. The bowties and neckties are permanently tied with a sliding buckle for adjusting.

suspenders (640x640)

The suspenders come in navy, navy stripe, and gray for Spring 2014.

Come by soon to see all the latest and greatest in boy’s neckwear at Little Lambs & Ivy.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Sometimes, only a picture can tell the story.  Take our Little Lambs & Ivy store, nestled in an old historic shopping center in downtown Columbia, SC.  We can tell you we LOVE babies, but you have to see a picture to see that we!


Baby registries give us such a thrill.  We take it to heart that we are a part of this thrilling time – the birth of a new member of the family!  Teasingly, we say that we “roll out the red carpet” for grandmothers here, but really we don’t have to.  Most grandmothers are already floating on air as they walk through the store, caressing each soft little item.


So take a little trip through our store with these pictures.  We would love to show you in person all our favorites to welcome a new baby into the world.

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