Two Christmas Opportunities – Hannah House Christmas 2013


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Two Christmas opportunities in one!

The Lambs want to raise money for Hannah House, a transitional housing opportunity for women in need of a safe place to live with their children during a crisis. What could we do,  how could we help those kids – that’s what we asked each other.  That’s when the idea hit!  We’ll offer free paper gift wrap with a gorgeous bow for a donation of $2.00.

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How can you look at these adorable faces and not want to be a part of this?  Hannah House depends totally on donations, with more than 81% going directly to the operation of the facility and programs.  The all-volunteer staff (no paid positions) posts this pledge:

“Every dollar donated to Hannah House is carefully monitored and prayerfully invested into the transformation of our recipients, the ladies and children who live here.”

Just $250 will house, clothe, and feed a family for a month. The mothers with children receive a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, 3 meals a day, Bible studies, parenting classes, job skills training, dental and health care, child care for working moms, life skills training, and much more.

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The children are nurtured in a home designed to create a feeling of safety and comfort while their moms are working to provide a home of their own.  What mother wouldn’t feel confident knowing that her family is being loved and protected while she learns how to handle a life change?

So, here are two opportunities right in front of you this Christmas!  Get a wonderful paper wrap at Little Lambs & Ivy and donate for some wonderful Columbia families who need your help!

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7 Reasons to Shop Local This Christmas


1. Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: Support your friends, neighbors and yourself.  Invest in our community; help create a stronger Columbia by keeping money here.

2. What Goes Around Comes Around: Two or three times as much money spent stays here in Columbia when you spend at locally owned businesses.

3. Community Sustainability: Local stores help sustain vibrant and walk-able shopping centers, keeping the neighborhood feeling alive.

4. Keep Columbia Unique: One-of-a kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of Columbia.  (There’s no other Little Lambs & Ivy anywhere!)

5. Create Collective Prosperity: Locally owned business invest more in local labor, pay more local taxes, spend more on community-based decisions, and give a helping hand to those in need.

6. Local Owners Care About Columbia: Local owners live in and love Columbia

7. Give Back and Take Care: Local owners buy more from other local businesses, because they believe in the community.  Locally owned companies and their employees are more likely to give to local charities.

Let’s hear it for the small businesses of Columbia, especially those on Devine Street.  Hip, hip, hooray!

(Thanks to for this paraphrase)

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A Rubber Giraffe an International Celebrity?

Meet Sophie the Giraffe, the rubber teether from France that is loved by babies the world over.  Sophie is stocked in baby boutiques all around the world, and her face and name have become a legend. Just about anywhere you can find a baby, you’ll find Sophie.

Why? It’s her sweet simplicity that appeals: she is a rubber giraffe with brown spots, big black eyes, a long neck, and she squeaks when squeezed. Every Sophie is handmade and handpainted in a small factory in eastern France, phylate free and made of all natural rubber.


Sophie has been a part of French babies’ lives since 1961, and only in 2006 was she sold outside of France by the French company, Vulli.  The company got it’s start during World War I making rubber balloons used to spy on the Germans, and by the 1960’s, they used their expertise to make rubber – not plastic – toys.

“Vats of natural Hevea rubber arrive from Malaysia every month at the factory on the outskirts of Rumilly, a small town with red-roofed houses at the base of the Alps.  A worker pours the milky liquid into round plaster molds with the shapes of 10 giraffes fanning out from the center.  The molds go into an oven where they rotate for a couple of hours, coating the casts and creating a hollow rubber toy.

After their baking, the Sophies sit in boxes for two months while the moisture in the rubber evaporates.  Then, in a drafty room, a half dozen women polish the giraffes, insert the whistle, spray them with food-grade paints and mark them by a laser with a tracking number.”

Christina Passariello, The Wall Street Journal

Doesn’t it just make you love Sophie even more to think she is lovingly handcrafted for your baby, one rubber giraffe at a time?  No huge manufacturing plant, no cutting corners or upgrading to “New and Improved” – just a simple, sweet rubber teether made the same way for over 50 years.

Come meet Sophie, the international celebrity, at Little Lambs & Ivy – no appointment necessary!


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