Friday’s the Final Day for Retailing on Devine

Come one, come all, to a Retirement Sale Ball!

Friday is the last day of a 31 year run of brick & mortar retailing for Little Lambs & Ivy. Help us celebrate by coming to our Gambler’s Sale that runs all day with deepening discounts all day long. Plus, come join us at 3:00 for some goodies and drinks to celebrate 31 happy, wonderful years.

Don’t miss this last day’s fun!


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Final Days Are Here! Don’t Wait

Just like your kid’s childhood, “You blink and it’s gone!” That’s what comes to mind as we wrap up our retirement sale with a Final Clearance mark-down. Surprisingly, there are some really good deals and fabulous finds left, so don’t wait another minute to come by.

It’s been a whirlwind! So many of you have come by to give hugs and best wishes as we embark on a new journey (that includes lots of time with grandchildren). Thank you for all the cards, pictures, flowers, treats, and bittersweet tears shared – it’s been a memorable time in Little Lambs & Ivy’s history. Thank you all for your support and kindness. You’ll be missed!

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The Entire Store 40-50% Off

It’s almost time to say good-bye! We’ve marked down our favorite brands by 40%, and our toys and gifts to 50% off. Don’t wait – come today!

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The Retirement Sale Is Going FAST!

Thank you! Thanks to all of you who have flocked in the store to wish us well and to buy one last time at Little Lambs & Ivy. What a two-week whirlwind this has been. The love has been flowing all around!

We still have some beautiful things on sale, especially for infants and toddlers. The mark downs are from 25-29% off everything in the store, plus, sale items marked down 35 – 75% off.

Starting today, Thursday, May 17, we are featuring our store fixtures on sale at great prices, too. Many items are marked and ready to go home, while some items (antique and specially made) are bid items. We are asking you to make a bid this week (Thursday – Wednesday), and we’ll let you know if you have the winning bid next Thursday.

Our favorite item, a hand carved baby crib with the Little Lambs & Ivy logo carved as a special commissioned piece, is up for bids. It’s hard to let this piece go!


Come by to see what of Little Lambs’ history you want to take home. Or at least, come by for one last good-bye and a hug!

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5 Things You Need to Know About the Retirement Sale

5 Important Things To Know Before You Shop:

  1. The crowds will be bigger than you imagined! We’ll have police officers on hand to help with crowd control, but you’ll be amazed at how many people will want to shop.
  2. No giftwrap. None. So sorry, but we cannot give out boxes, tissue, gift bags, or any other wrapping.
  3. No children’s play area. Again, so sorry, but the safety of your little ones is our concern, and we ask, if you must bring your children, please hold their hands the entire shopping trip.
  4. No Strollers. The crowds will make it impossible to steer a stroller through the store. You’ll get stuck in a corner. You may park your stroller on our back porch area.
  5. You’ll have a great time! You’ll see lots you’ll want to buy, you’ll see old friends shopping too, and the atmosphere will be like attending a party. Well, it is a party! A retirement party for Arden & Jim.
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