Jellycat’s Newest Best Friends

It’s a universal phenomenon. One touch of a Jellycat friend and you’re hooked. No other plush can hold your heart forever the way a Jellycat can. Hands down, a Jellycat shipment is cause for a hands-on, get that box open now, kind of excitement at Little Lambs & Ivy. We cannot wait to meet the newest best friends!

This week, we opened 4 HUGE boxes of new and old friends that we want you to meet. We’re throwing a few pictures at you in hopes that you’ll wish to come in soon to hold these little adorables yourself. Nothing like a Jellycat to make your day a little brighter!

Consider Odette Octopus, with peachy pink fur and ivory corduroy tentacles. She’s the best hugger in the ocean, and with eight arms, she’s full of love to share. A best friend for keeps.

Flora Flamingo is one funky girlfriend, with soft, fluffy feathers in bright pink! Her long velvet legs and neck look cool in hot pink. Flora loves her quirky look, and we think she’s flapping fabulous.

Skye Starfish is so smiley, but can be shy in the spotlight. With a fluffy fur front and a corduroy back, he’s a squishy sweetie! Skye is the best kind of friend for smiles and hugs every morning as you wake up or as you tuck into bed at night.

Mumble Elephant is so happy to see you, he reaches out for a hug! With fluffy grey fur and beans in his bottom to help him sit, this little elephant is ready for a squeeze the moment you walk in. A best friend forever because he never forgets.

You’ll want to come in soon to see these and lots more new Jellycat friends. Valentines Day is a good excuse to buy some today.

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