The Lambs Are Going On Vacation!

Get ready, get set, GO! The Lambs are closing from Saturday, July 1 through Saturday, July 8th for a vacation break. It’s time to enjoy being with family and friends, getting refreshed and ready.

Happy 4th of July from Little Lambs & Ivy

Little Lambs & Ivy’s Vacation

Ready for what? The Back to School season starts with new shipments coming in daily for the fall season in July just when the weather thermometer hovers around 100 degrees.  Each day in July, we get shipments of the new fall coats & sweaters, corduroy pants & dresses from your favorite brands like Bella Bliss, The Beaufort Bonnet Co, The Proper Peony, Prodoh, Luigi, and so many more.

But for now, we’re celebrating all the wonderful things of summer with a little vacation time away. Here’s hoping you enjoy the same this coming week!

Little Lambs & Ivy enjoying a 4th of July vacation



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